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labels or love. [entries|friends|calendar]

i already know what my addiction is, i be looking for labels. i ain't looking for love. i shop for purses while love walks out the door. don't cry, buy a bag and get over it. and i'm not concerned with all the politics it's a lot of men i know i could find another.
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moved. [(7908)]
[ mood | awake ]

if you asked to be moved over to the new journal, you were added. i'm going to continue using this journal for graphics and whatnot. but anything personal is at the new journal. catch me if you can ;*

edit: i did make an entry, here. if you wanted to be added you just had to ask :p

graphics. [(6108)]
[ mood | creative ]


i decided to use myspace to archive my graphics. feedback is appreciated. also, if anyone has any header requests i'll gladly do them. i'm no professional, but i'll take a shot at it. send your requests to my email.

visit the website!!!

contact me at : flashingly@gmail.com

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